Our passion is helping you communicate your passion.

Unger Design is proud to give back to the community and has repeatedly supported these non-profit organizations:

The Roundabout Journey to Here

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology where I focused on ergonomics and also dabbled in exercise physiology. For several years I worked in the field of occupational health and helped promote safe and efficient workspaces for healthcare workers. While employed by a non-profit organization, I was given the opportunity to promote my work and make it accessible to the public through print and web design.

I fell in love with the creative elements of print design. I coveted the job of a web designer.

Within a year of this self-discovery, I shifted my life around to accommodate this newly-ignited passion. I returned to post-secondary school and studied both the art and technical side to graphic design through BCIT and Emily Carr University. It was a roundabout journey to get here, but here I am. I love what I do.

My Non-Profit Passion

Non-profit organizations have profoundly impacted and inspired me. I’ve seen how a group of people devoted to arts, education, health care, social services, or special interests genuinely change lives and communities and bring purpose and meaning to life. The lasting effect of investing in such causes cannot be measured.

Personally partnering with non-profit organizations has allowed me the privilege of loving orphans, building houses for those without, making safer workplaces, serving others who are less fortunate, befriending refugees, and encouraging youth to make positive life choices.

You want to share your passion with the world. Let me help you.

Small Business Sentiments

Businesses begin with an idea. A dream. A hope.

To those who decide to take a risk and follow a dream, I applaud you. I also want to support you. It's not easy to run a small business, but it is essential to have professional and memorable means of visual communication. Regardless whether you are launching your business or trying to launch a fresh business brand, I can help.


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